A woman’s freedom should not come by the grace, favour or “conscience” of any man. A woman should never again be indebted to a man — or to the Parliament of Canada, largely made up of men — by virtue of his legal, political, or economic power. A woman’s status as a free person — free to decide for herself what is best for her — should never be a right “given” to her though the composition of the House of Commons, luck, stars aligning, or the prevailing political mood of the day. It’s hers. Period. And no one else’s.

http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/daniel-d-veniez/trudeau-abortion-_b_5419298.html (via thefatmattress)

In New Hampshire she’s (Hillary Clinton is) liked better than flannel.

Slate Political Gabfest, July 18, 2014