So much Glee angst right now.

First, I’ll open with what I liked this week.
  • Tonight was clearly not Idina’s last night, despite rumours that suggested it was.
  • So much Darren singing. And Puck. Therefore, so much yes.
  • As much as I dislike Lindsay from The Glee Project, she sang pretty well. Singing one of my favourite slightly-less-known Broadway songs
  • You know who I don’t dislike? Grant Gustin. You know who was on tonight? Grant Gustin :)

And now for my piss offs ….

  1. Hate Shelby and Puck. Idina is an amazing actress and deserves better than playing the woman who is dating the guy who is both the ex of her daughter and the father of her daughter. So glad that’s done, but mad that that’s basically her storyling.
  2. Damian. Where the Hell is he? This boy won a competition. He DESERVED to get an actual role on the show, not two songs in one episode and then for the camera to occasionally pan across. This episode was ridiculously poor to him.
  3. That Sugar chick. Why did she come back with the TroubleTones? And why does she have a bigger role than Damian? SHE SUCKS.
  4. Emma is now basically non-existant. I mean, we SAW her, but what happened to her arc?
  5. TOO MUCH DAMNED AUTO-TUNE. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. I KNOW Corey and Chord and Kevin kind of need it. Same with Naya and Heather (sometimes). But can we please not auto-tune Darren, Chris and Mark so much? They’re awesome singers on their own!!!